To love our neighbor as ourselves is such a truth for regulating human society, that by that alone one might determine all the cases in social morality.
— John Locke

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I think you will agree that we can all use a little more love and respect these days! Several organizations in the area are collaborating to revive a less known holiday, National Good Neighbors Day, which falls on Thursday, September 28th this year. Our hope is that rather than being passive and reactionary, we can proactively do some good and develop meaningful relationships by showing love and appreciation to our neighbors...even the neighbors we don't like or agree with.

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What you can do

Go out and show some love to your neighbors this Good Neighbors Day!

Reach Out

Celebrate National Good Neighbors Day by doing something special for your neighbors. This might include giving a box of chocolates, baking a cake, sharing a cup of coffee, or simply having a conversation and exchanging smiles!


Share this holiday with friends and family and encourage them to do likewise. And don't forget to share your experience #LoveThyNeighbor, and like us on Facebook